MusicFlow for Composers

Are you a composer, producer, or sound designer? Composing dynamic music scores allows you to enjoy a new revenue stream for your work, to be more productive and creative, and to engage with your fans and clients.

MusicFlow for Composers will be available soon. We offer several plans to choose from:

Plan Benefits Availibility Cost
MusicFlow for Composers Create dynamic music scores and dynamic soundscapes to include in our public score library and enjoy a new revenue stream. For quality assurance we review each submitted score. July 2013 Free

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MusicFlow for Composers Premium The same as above, plus:
  • Access to the filmmaker tool. You can customize your own tracks and use them as you want.
  • Create your own private dynamic music score libraries for your own personal or commercial use, that are not visible in the public score library.
  • Skip for our quality assurance review. When you create private scores we don't need to approve them.
Summer 2013 From $30/month

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MusicFlow for Composers Professional The same as above, plus:
  • Give your clients access to dynamic music scores from your private library, so that they can customize tracks using the filmmaker tool.
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We're always looking for skilled composers, producers and sound designers!

If you're interested in composing a dynamic music score for distribution by MusicFlow, contact us at: After taking a look at your portfolio we would like to approve you as a composer and give you access to the composer tools.

More Information

Here's some more you might want to know (excerpted from our FAQ page):

Why is MusicFlow good for me as a composer/producer and my career?
You might be happy with your music being used in one film – but imagine that it instead is used in 100,000 videos, films, and slideshows and you are paid for each time. That can give you a larger creative impact on the world and a financial reward that grows with the popularity of your music in MusicFlow.
What is a dynamic music score? How can I compose one?
Creatively, our proprietary dynamic music score lets you express the structure of your musical ideas and how they build and relate to each other--without "locking" you to a specific linear instantion.
We work with composers individually to help you learn how write and produce dynamic music. Typically it takes only a few hours for a new composer to get the idea and start composing. We continue to work with you to help improve and ensure the technical quality and adaptability of your score.
How can I make money by providing music for MusicFlow?
Every time sometimes buys a track based on your music you are paid a royalty on sales which is a competitive percentage of each sale. For more details on the financial terms, contact us at
Do you take any of my PRS earnings?
I want to create dynamic scores for my own projects, have my private collection of dynamic scores and customize music tracks and soundscapes myself for my clients. What should I do?
Then MusicFlow Composer Premium is for you. Contact us about buying a subscription.